Blake's Tracker.

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Crypto Tracking App


SwiftUI, MVVM,


May 12th, 2022

MacBook Pro Intel Core i5
iPhone 6s iOS 15.0.2

Blake’s Tracker is a sleek and intuitive cryptocurrency tracking app that leverages the CoinGecko API. It provides users with a comprehensive overview of various cryptocurrencies, allowing them to delve into detailed statistics, descriptions, and relevant external resources.Github: Blake’s Tracker

Technologies Used.

  • SwiftUI: For building the user interface.
  • Combine: Modern approach for handling asynchronous tasks in Swift.
  • CoinGecko API: Primary data source for fetching cryptocurrency information.

🤝 Contribution

Feel free to fork this repository, create a feature branch, and submit a pull request if you’d like to contribute. Any feedback, enhancements, or bug reports are highly appreciated!

Github: Blake’s Tracker

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