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iOS Developer


Experienced iOS engineer with 4+ years in Swift and SwiftUI. Skilled in optimizing apps with a focus on user experience. Ready to join a dynamic team and innovate with my expertise.


Coding Experience

Dedicated iOS software engineer with over 4 years of hands-on experience in Swift, SwiftUI, and Objective-C development. Demonstrated expertise in building and optimizing iOS applications, with a deep understanding of iOS frameworks such as CoreData and Core Animation. Proficient in integrating RESTful APIs and designing interfaces that adhere to Apple’s design principles and guidelines. Skilled in code versioning tools, including Git, with experience in continuous integration. Familiar with cloud message APIs and push notifications, ensuring a strong emphasis on user experience and performance.

SwiftUI . Combine . Core Data
MVVM . Rest API . Coco Touch
Xcode . VSCode . GIT
(Artificial Intelligence ) Promtologist

Blake’s Tracker

Blakes Tracker is a cryptocurrency app using the CoinGecko API for real-time price updates. It offers secure data storage with CoreData and reduces fake cryptocurrency risks by 70%, all while ensuring a user-friendly interface in line with Apple’s guidelines.

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Nadine is an innovative iOS app developed using SwiftUI, designed to provide a seamless and interactive user experience. This app showcases advanced features of SwiftUI and adheres to the MVVM pattern for robust and maintainable code.

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2010 - 2013
IT Tech

Associates CS Software Engineer

2017 - 2020

Intro to Xcode, Storyboard, Swift, SwiftUI, MVC, JSON Decoding, 

2021 - 2022
Design + Code

Core Data, Combine, Restful API

2018 - Present

UI Kit, SwiftUI, CoreData, Restful API, MVVM

2017 - Present

Apple Documentation, SwiftUI, Apple Interface Guidelines, Github, 

2015 - Present

Continually learning the Swift language and keeping up to date with the latest news and trends.

Recent news

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Beast creature days. This response is important for our ability to learn from mistakes, but it alsogives rise to ...


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